Downtown Lunch: Guide to Chinatown Soup Noodles

Making Downtown office workers jealous is something this blog has been doing for awhile now. To even the score, we’ll post a Downtown Lunch every Friday for those folks working in the lower half of New York City.  Admittedly, this column has been a little Chinatown heavy, but what can you do. If I worked Downtown, I’d eat in Chinatown every single day…

Our Downtown Lunch correspondent Daniel Krieger has taken the week off, so you’ll have to make due with this “Guide to Soup Noodles in Manhattan’s Chinatown” posted on the newly launched Serious Eats: New York (which I am now editing and writing for part time.  Fat man cannot survive on lunch in Midtown alone…)  

It’s a pretty comprehensive guide, and should be used as a checklist by every one of you.  Hell, you should already have a head start, since I know you all ran out and ate at Hong Kong Station after Daniel’s post a few weeks ago.

Guide to Soup Noodles in Manhattan’s Chinatown [Serious Eats: New York]

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