中午•镇午餐 n。中午午餐)1.一个便宜(不到10美元),真实,独特和有趣的快速服务午餐,最好是在你工作的地方。2.在城市午餐的冒险。



所以这就是交易……如果你在办公室工作,那么你知道在吃午饭的时候,懒惰的人是如何的。曼哈顿中城的情况也不例外。在任何一个方向上的一个街区就像大多数人所要去的一样,通常这只是一个糟糕的定价过高的沙拉或三明治。我不是那些人之一。对我来说,午餐时间是神圣的 – 我不会把它浪费在一些普通的价格过高的“熟食店”(除非它是所有你可以吃自助餐)。这个网站将有希望成为一个地方找到宝石在无尽的海洋中,无论你在哪里工作。

Midtown Lunch成立于2006年,专门用于覆盖曼哈顿中城的食物。但从2010年1月开始,我们扩大了范围,现在在纽约市中心,费城和洛杉矶寻找“中城午餐”。我们所有的人都是民族食品的大粉丝(我提到了我对中国自助餐的喜爱吗?),而不是那种无聊的铁链或沙拉的粉丝 – 所以如果你正在寻找一个新的沙拉的地方,给你7个选项,而不是6,你可能在这里找不到(除非是沙拉吧/中式自助餐)。我们喜欢街头小吃,以及在大多数同事认为“脏”的地方(我正在看你的泰达牛排)的地方吃东西的挑战,所以打我们最好的一击。总而言之,我们希望中城午餐将成为所有在城市午餐中寻找冒险的人的有用资源。


我坚信,让食物“好”的东西总是一个品味的问题。另外一个人觉得很棒(我是在一辆桶装车),另一个人可能会觉得很恶心(我和大多数人一起工作)。你喜欢和不喜欢的东西大多与个人品味,期望,价格等有关,所以我总是觉得直接的评论是放纵的。如果一个地方是开放的,那么有人必须喜欢它,所以我们写的每个地方都得到+/-。理论上(+)是真正喜欢这个地方的人会说的。( – )是一个不喜欢这个地方的人会说的。虽然我们是否喜欢某个地方通常是显而易见的,但是我知道信息是相当主观的…因此+/-。这就是说,每个人都有自己的最爱和意见,


目前Midtown Lunch的化身是由Anderhalf Design的 Raphael Brion 设计的

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  • Absolutely fantastic site. Your site makes searching for treats in NY amazingly fun AND well worth it. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Found your site from watching Great Food Revolution. A Canadian documentary on the CBC. You can watch it online as well http://www.cbc.ca/documentaries/greatfoodrevolution/

    episode 4 broadcast March 26.

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    Hi! Just wanted to tell you that you should go and try out Dean’s restaurant on 2nd Avenue between 42 and 43rd street. They have wonderful Italian food running from $8 – $12 individual size for their lunch menu. The portions are huge and it has great ambiance. Take a look at their site

    Go and try them out, you will thank me!!!

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  • George Cardona

    I was in New York City recently and I visited a restaurant “Flor De Mayo” on the upper-westside it has the best Peruvian Chicken in the city, along with a very good classic cocktail list, and low prices. This is a rare restaurant that is equally good for sit-down and take-out. The cevice and fried plantanes at Flor De Mayo are quite good as companions to the Peruvian Chicken.

    George Cardona

  • How come there is no bio for Chris H?

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    I visited Abitino’s on 56th street & 8th avenue and i must say i got a great deal for $6.99 i had unlimited choices from the Salad Bar or the Pasta Bar, everything was delicious. A soon as i walked in I was greeted with a smile, they have great customer service. I recommended the place to a friend of mine and she told me that she had one of the best Chicken Parm Sandwiches in the City. I really recommend people try this place, the food is good and you get your monies worth.

  • Great idea, great blog. Thank your for all the useful details. We are about to come to NY so, every post is very interesting to us. Thank you, guys.

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