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Tortas from Mole Poblano in the Italian Market

A friend took me shooting for the first time ever at a range in the Italian Market and I worked up an appetite. I noticed that Mole Poblano had taken over the space formally occupied by Acapulco. Mexican sounded perfect, so I went in and washed the lead off my hands.

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Hot Tamales From Los Amigos Meat Market

Strolling through the Italian Market I noticed a sign for tamales on the door of a bodega. Yes, please.

Los Amigos Meat Market sells things like Jarritos, tomatillos, dried chiles, cotija cheese, homemade tortilla chips (ooo!), and of course meats. But I was just there to get my tamales and get out, so that I might eat them on a stoop in the sunshine.

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Chickie’s Italian Sandwiches Are Classically Great, But Now I Am Dreaming Of A Crazy Custom Order

Chickie’s Italian Deli has been serving sandwiches since 1993 in the Italian Market. I could go into the history but instead I think you should put on some headphones and watch the Chickie’s “webmercial” and prepare yourself to be entertained like you never have been.

Did you watch it? I was kidding, but the video does sum up how family and neighborhood- centric this place is. A trip over there was long overdue.

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Arroz con Leche Ice Cream at El Pueblo

Right across from Los Taquitos de Puebla is  ”El Pueblo,” a shop selling homemade Mexican Ice Cream (helado), juice (agua fresca), and popsicles (paletas). I had never even heard of this place before and the day’s heat gave me more of an excuse to pop in. I found out that El Pueblo is open open during the hotter months and will probably shut down for the season at the end of the September. Though the brightly colored paletas looked tempting, inside I zero-ed in on that ice cream.

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