Tom’s Dim Sum

Dim Sum Garden has been a Chinatown staple for as long as I can remember. In 2014 some ownership drama went down and the 1th Street original, dive-y, by the bus station location was closed and a more visually appealing Dim Sum Garden opened on Race St leaving questions about what would come of the original storefront. Quite recently though, the 11th St spot re-opened and rebranded as Tom’s Dim Sum. Both locations still serve soup dumplings and noodles along with other classic dishes.

We received crab soup dumplings… even though I had asked for standard pork. I am usually not a fan of the crab broth, but enjoyed these. The skins aren’t so delicate as to always be on the verge of breaking; I prefer having a bit of bite.

Shanghai shu mai come with a delicious pork and mushroom sticky rice stuffing. I recommend these as well.

To balance the meat and starch, a delicate pile of bok choy. Everything was served quickly and the three dishes cost us $20.

Amusing corollary story here, my handwriting is so bad that our waitress had to bring back the signed bill to decipher the numbers I had written. I am only slightly embarrassed. Who needs penmanship these days?

Tom’s Dim Sum, 59 N. 11th St. (btw Filbert and Arch St.), 215-923-8880


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    Getting the wrong soup dumplings seems like an ominous foreboding to a terrible meal, but it looks like the food was on point. Maybe the waitress was unaware of your baller status and had to double check all the cash monies you tipped her. Or…yeah, maybe it was the penmanship.

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