Baked Snacks from Someone’s Grandpa’s House

You could easily walk by Vallari Brothers in South Philly and not notice it, the corner building is pretty run down and there is one small sign indicating there is anything being sold at all there. That is usually an indicator of a product that speaks for itself. Inside, there were bags of bread and rolls strewn around and not much for decor. We waited for an older gentleman to realize we had entered and asked him about the tomato pie advertised casually in the window.

All out of tomato pie slices, I was instead offered  round mini pies for $1 each. The fluffy bread and sweet sauce satisfied.  My love for tomato pie makes me feel like a really Philly person. I feel like my family and friends from NY just don’t get it. Have you experienced that?

For something sweeter- I also grabbed a gorgeously soft raisin bread that I enjoyed for breakfast later in the week.

What secret bakeries do you frequent in your neighborhood?

Villari Brothers Bakery, 2134 S 10th St, 215 339-9544


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