South Philly Barbacoa is Beyond

This should be your lunch plan for tomorrow. Only open Friday-Sunday, South Philly Barbacoa recently moved from weekend cart oasis in South Philly to an  Isaiah Zagar decorated space at 11th and Morris- 2 blocks away from where the cart used to be parked.  Like the cart, the main offerings are barbacoa and pancita tacos, the former = slow cooked lamb, the later = organy, lamb loose sausage. I wimped out on the pancita, but I eagerly watched my lamb pieces get pulled apart and placed in the taco for me.

This stuff is goooood, it tastes like lamb in its purest form.  Sauces and pickles are available, including some awesome pickled fava beans, but if you like the taste of lamb, you won’t need much.

For lamb in liquid form, the consume is available. Made by collecting the juice of the lamb as it cooks for 10 hours, this too, is serious food. To wash it down, I did a cucumber-pineapple combo agua fresca.

For dessert, I did not turn town an olive oil cake when presented with the option. Light and sweet, with some roasted pears on the side, it was probably better to walk away with cake breath instead of lamb fat breath. Maybe.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • You can’t get barbacoa like this anywhere else in the city
  • Great agua frescas
  • Lamb fat soup

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Open Fri-Sunday

South Philly Barbacoa,1703 S 11th St, 215 694 3797


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