Bellevue Basement Eggplant Parm

I was told I was too early  and the food wasn’t ready at  the new Vietnamese place in that weird food court that exists in the basement of the Bellevue.  In my sulk, I went in a completely different direction for my (early) lunch time hunger, Italian from Soprano’s. I hadn’t really noticed Soprano’s before, it very well could be newer to the basement space, who knows what goes on down there.

The sandwich list cheered me up a bit- an Italian hoagie, mozz and prosciutto, meatballs, roast pork, and all that comforting Italian jazz that works in between bread.

My classic eggplant parm  ($8.25) was ready pretty quickly. It was a nice size lunch sandwich on seeded bread. It’s a hard task to maintain the structural integrity of the eggplant in an eggplant parm and Soprano’s wasn’t quite able to accomplish that, however I don’t mind the mush, as long as it isn’t bitter and the proportions and seasoning are right. This had a good balance of sauce and gooey cheese, though there could have been a bit more eggplant.

Not a bad consolation, though I will be back for a Viet lunch in the basement.

Soprano’s200 S Broad St, 215 546 9200


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