Improve Your Mann Center Visit with Jamaican Chicken Platters

I have been picnicking pretty hard this summer; casually eating outside is one of life’s simple pleasures. Making my way over to a Mann Center performance, I wanted to pick something up nearby to make a little picnic to go along with the classical music and BYO summer friendly white wine we brought. The area by the Mann Center is rich with tiny, Caribbean and Jamaican spots.  I picked two of them, right across the street from each other, just north of the 52nd Street subway stop.  Both had similar set ups, a counter to order large platters from and a few tables to sit at.

First we stopped at Top Taste, where many of the main plates had already run out (i.e., stewed chicken). We picked a jerk chicken platter with mac and cheese and sauteed cabbage.  The generous helping of jerk chicken was meaty but had a mildly chemical flavor that I didn’t care for. The cheesy shells and butter-softened cabbage mixture worked for me, especially after a few glasses of wine . Drinking and melted cheese is the greatest combination.

Directly across the street we ordered another chicken platter; fried chicken with mashed potatoes and rice and beans.  I enjoyed this chicken more,though it got a tiny bit soggy by the time we got seated at the Mann, there was no heavy breading, it was still somewhat crispy and well seasoned. The mashed potatoes were quite smooth and not at all bland. The rice and beans were perfectly cooked.

Both platters were huge and easily shareable. Putting the concession snacks of your fellow concert goers to shame as you gnaw on a chicken leg makes it even more fun.

 Top Taste,  40 N 52nd St, 215 747-1460

Sunday’s Best, 41 N 52nd St, 215 476-2660


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