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Lunch Links (The “Smell my Skillet” Editon)

Tasso sandwich at Plenty

  • Why does bacon smell so good? [NPR]
  • Mmmm carbs, where to get the best bread in South Philly [Meal Ticket]
  • A new Plenty location is coming to Queens Village [Foobooz]
  • There are plenty of outdoor dining guides out there, but ya gotta trust Drew Lazor [Serious Eats]

Green Tea Ice Cream Topped Liege Waffles from Carina Tea & Waffles

 Carina’s Tea and Waffles is a new cafe located in UPenn’s International House, though you can access it through a separate outdoor entrance up a set of stairs to the left of the International House. As the name suggests, you will find many  iterations of tea and Belgian style waffles inside.

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Taco Tuesday at Du Jour

 Du Jour  is a cafe located in the “Commerce Square” on Market Street. The menu looks like a lot of basic  sandwiches and salads all hovering over the $10 mark. But take out tacos, normally $11 are $6.99 on Tuesdays.

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Lunch Links (The “Back Shaving for Memorial Day?” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Ron Templeman

  • Co Zara in UCity is open for lunch with ramen and rice bowls  [Foobooz]
  • A comprehensive guide to eating in our airport  [Eater]
  • This lamb sloppy Joe looks awesome [Ron Templeman  via Foobooz]
  • What to PA residents google more than people in other states? Oh, back shaving. But at least #2 is beer and #3 is competitive eating [Philly Mag]

Salted Caramel Pudding and Macarons at Audabon Bakeshop

 Macarons seem to be the hot thing in Chinatown right now. Not very long ago, I checked out HITEA in The Gallery. More recently, tea chain Kung Fu Tea debuted also serving the little colorful frech cookies. Audabon Bakeshop is another Chinatown  newcomer. Besides macarons, they shop serves pudding and coffee.

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I Green Adds Hand Pulled Noodles

Like Lady Gaga, I-Green in Chinatown is constantly reinventing itself. Once a frozen yogurt place, the menu expanded to include things like soup dumplings. Now, they have added hand pulled noodles to the menu. I just noticed the addition while stopping in with my Chinatown tour group.    

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Lunch Links (The “Indian Restaurant/Grocery Store” Edition)

Rice and Spice

  •  The kids at Penn don’t have to go far from spicy Indian food at Rice and Spice  [Penn Appetit]
  • And those well fed kids will be getting a fish taco place soon [The Insider]
  • There are some cheap lunches going in at Sassafras while a new lunch menu gets finalized [Phoodie]
  • No love for the Italian hoagie at Pastaficio’s,  stick to the meatballs then! [22nd and Philly]