Foam Floaterie and Cookie Confidential, The Sweetest Philly Co-op

The nicer weather has been conducive to leisurely strolls, and leisurely strolls, at least for me, lead to hedonistic food purchases. I passed  the Cookie Confidential store front, right off South Street, and then walked back up to indulge. I heard about Cookie Confidential through their daring cookie creations, including some savory offerings.

Since this past winter, Foam Floaterie, an ice cream business, came in to share the space. It is technically a separate business. Together with Beer Cakes, the 3 businesses are a dessert co-op. A very “sweet” idea.

I was upset there were no “cheesesteak cookies” I had been hearing about.

Instead I had a chocolate bacon cookie. It was a good cookie, but I definitely could have used more bacon.

For more chocolate bacon action, the chocolate bacon buttermilk Undercover Cupcake works a little better. And cupcakes in a jar are much easier to transport, I appreciated that.  The cupcake was moist and it was easy to get a bite with cake and frosting, since it is all contained.

I blame the slightly warmer weather for forcing me in to ordering ice cream.  The flavors were really unique. I tried a sample of the pb&j which really did taste like the essential flavors of the childhood sandwich. Ultimately, I selected a scoop ($3.35) of the saffron rice pudding ice cream. This was absolutely amazing, it was bright, a little sweet, and very different from any ice cream I have tasted. My favorite treat of the day by far. Besides ice cream, floats and alcohol infused popsicles are available. Do they card for that?

Warmer days are coming! If I had a choice between cherry ices from Ritas or some crazy ice cream scoop from Foam, I think you can tell which  I would choose.

Cookie Confidential and Foam Floaterie, 517 S 5th, 215 922-4040


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    You take post-Pesach indulgence seriously, eh? ;)

    I’m not one for sweets, myself, aside from the occasional August water ice. I would definitely try a cheesesteak cookie, though…

    I still have not done ramen. This is almost unfathomable! My intentions head in that direction, but I’ve yet to take the final step.

    I’ve been down Center City for dinner like eight times over the past couple months, too, but in the end, every single time, I always change my mind at the last minute and keep going back and forth between hand-shaved noodle stir-fries at Nan Zhou and Lan Zhou!

    I really need to learn to branch out from time to time…

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