Paesano’s Meatloaf Parmesan Sandwich is basically a really good Meatball Sub

Paesano’s makes some of the best  sandwiches I have had in Philly. The attention to layering of flavors, the original sandwich spreads, and the brazen use of meats (fried livers?) make the difference. Having tried a whole bunch of what Paesano’s has to offer, when I saw a sandwich I didn’t recognize at the Italian Market location, I had to try it.

The Meatloaf Parmesan sandwich ($8) appears to be as non traditionally excessive as its cousin, the fried lasagna sandwich called The Bolognese. Is meatloaf or lasagna inside a sandwich ever necessary? But I had no problem chomping down on The Bolognese and no problem with his cousin. Meatball sandwiches are totally normz, so why not meatloaf. They are essentially meatballs in strip form. On top is a red sauce, which is on the sweet side, fresh mozz, which could have been meltier, and supposedly sharp prov, but I didn’t pick up on much of that. It was a fine version of what is basically a meatball parm. But given the other, quirkier sandwiches at Paesano’s, you might want to go with one of the others.


Paesano’s 2, 901 Christian, 215 922 2220



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    I’ve gotta try this one, too, but yeah it’s probably going to be the last one I get around to. I’ve tried all their sandwiches over the past year except for the Italian Hoagie, the lasagna sandwich, the eggplant and this one. I think I’ll get to the other four by summer. The eggplant is likely next on my list, as they don’t do the lasagna (or the meatloaf) at Girard, so I’ll have to wait until I’m down around S. 9th again to try one of those.

    I have to say I’ve really enjoyed everything there, and my favorite by far (probably my favorite sandwich ever!) is the Liveracce. Close second at the moment just might be the Tuscan Tony, which is the hot dog w/ salami, sharp provolone and bolognese sauce. Even my least favorite, the tuna salad sandwich, would still probably rank as one of the better sandwiches at any other place.

  • Maybe I should try the hot dog one! It always seemed a waste to get a hot dog at a place that makes suckling pig sandwiches

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      Ha, I felt the same way. That’s what kept me from trying it for so long, until I decided it was time to try all their other sandwiches. Was very pleasantly surprised. It’s like one of the best chili cheese dogs in its class, all grown-up and dressed for the prom!

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