$2 Tamales from Lupita’s Grocery Store

While buying cheap artichokes, radishes by the pound, and bunches of leeks in the Italian market,  I saw a sign on a Mexican grocery for some homemade tamales. Tamales are perfect for taking to work, they are already wrapped up and easy to reheat in the microwave. Way less embarrassing than hot pockets.

Inside Lupita’s, its a flurry of all things; juices, cheese, chips, an ATM, jeans, and a shrine for prayer.

Tamales are just $2 each and come wrapped up in a banana leaf. I am pretty sure they speak English here, but the ladies started talking to me about my options rojo o verde, so I just used my mad language skills and went with it. Rojo, red, is the red mole sauce. Verde, green, is the green tomatillo sauce. Pick your poison. Or do both. They each come with chicken. There was a meatless, bean option but I passed, because…. meatless.
Tamales are not photogenic, especially not these guys because they got a bit smushed prior to reheating. I was pleased to find a good amount of tender chicken and zingy sauce inside each. I can’t pick a favorite between the rojo and verde. The mole was the sweeter one and the tomatillo was the spicier one. Its a brilliant lunch; $4 for the duo, and its filling, healthy, and not even close to boring.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Tamales and jeans in one place

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • My tamale got all smushed in transport
  • I can’t handle spicy at all

Lupita’s Grocery Store, 1002 S 9th St, 215 238-9552


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    My own language skills are more ‘angry’ than ‘mad’ these days, as I haven’t really used them in years…

    Looks good! I was in there the other day, actually, for the first time just for a couple minutes while waiting for the bus. I have to keep these in mind for something to take home next time I’m down that way.

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