More Polish Home Cooking from Syrenka

Syrenka, a Polish cafeteria in Port Richmond, makes some of the best potato pancakes ever. I brought some friends to check them out. We had repeats of other favorites as well; the bigos and the stuffed cabbage. But I needed to expand my horizons and consume some of the other menu items.

We ordered our pierogies with extra fried onions on top. They were packed with a smooth buttery potato filling. I liked them a lot, but I would have to give nearby Donna’s Bar the win in the pierogi battle. I enjoyed Donna’s dough a bit more.

The kopytka turned out to be just plain potato gnocchi-like dough balls in butter. You could skip these.

It turns out that my list of must haves has not changed from my last visit. You can’t leave without trying the potato pancakes, bigos, and stuffed cabbage. The pierogies are almost as delicious. But Donna’s ¬†funky ambience and ¬†delicate skinned piergoies might tempt you to go there first as an appetizer to Syrenka’s potato pancakes. Actually, that sounds like a perfect afternoon.

Sryrekna, 3173 Richmond St, 215 634 3954


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    I remember their beets stood out on my visit there a few months ago, and I liked the stuffed cabbage. One of these years I’ll get back there and try some of Syrenka’s other menu items.

    My favorite thing to do in that area is head over on a Saturday, browse the stacks at Port Richmond Books for a few hours, then pick up a quart of that frozen beef tripe soup across the street at Krakus Market…

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