Peruvian Chicken and Pupusas from El Sabroso in Upper Darby

There is not nearly enough Peruvian food around Philly. Not even close. There is such a dearth that I have to be willing to get outside my comfort zone of the city to find some. By the 69th St station in Upper Darby, El Sabroso sells the typical Peruvian rotisserie chicken,  ”pollo a la brasa,” plus other Central American dishes. Check out the coy chicken and menu explanation, hints that a good meal is inevitable.

Due to a sore throat, I had to get the chicken soup ($6). Addicting and satisfying with pieces of chicken, vegetables, and corn hidden inside.

Pupusas are not Peruvian, but as the menu states, the city of Lima is a melting pot of different ethnicities, and I sure as hell won’t complain about some El Salvadorian type food getting thrown into the mix.  As it turns out, these pupusas are absolutely amazing. Crispy but not greasy; some of the best I have ever had, even in Central America! Mine was filled with pork, “chicharon,” and came with a slaw for $2.50

And that pollo a la brasa comes in different sizes: 1/4 for 6.95, 1/2 for 12.95 and a whole for 20. All come with fries, a salad, homemade mayo, and another tangier dipping sauce. I shared a 1/2 with a friend. As we hoped, it was juicy and tasted simply of chicken. I was slightly missing the Peruvian mystery green sauce that other places serves, but other than that I was not dissapointed.

Also on the menu are things like ceviche, tamales, tacos, and seafood platters, more than enough to require a return trip. The pupusas will most assuredly be ordered again.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Best pupusas ever?
  • Peruvian chicken and other hard to find Central American dishes

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • All the way in Upper Darby
  • No green sauce

El Sabroso, 109 Fairfield Ave, Upper Darby, 610-803-6652



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    “All the way” out there ain’t too bad, considering that even from me all the way up between York-Dauphin and Huntingdon, it’s still less than 45 minutes walkin’ and trainin’. My unfortunate sisters up in a certain corner of North Jersey have to drive at least that far just for one good meal of any kind whatsoever! ;)

    One of my closest friends growing up was born in Peru, but I never managed to eat dinner at his house. What a blown opportunity. I’ll have to check these folks out one day, thanks for the heads up. And yeah, I definitely take that menu page as a good sign…

  • I stopped by this weekend and they were closed. The sign in the window said, “Closed until Jan 28,” so I hope this is just a delay on their reopening. But the phone is also disconnected, so I am thinking that this place has probably closed up for good.

  • thats sad! does anyone have an update?

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