A Trip to Honest Tom’s

Today Luncher Rachel heads to Honest Tom’s brick and mortar restaurant.

It’s hard to walk west down Locust without stopping at Koch’s for lunch—but the extra block is worth it for Honest Tom’s. Previously a food truck, Honest Tom’s new store front sits on 44th street between Locust and Spruce. Although the block is newly built up, boasting Local 44, Tampopo and the Lil’ Pop Shop alongside Honest Tom’s, the food at this funky, laid- back Mexican restaurant is as delicious as it was in the food truck days.

The bright, welcoming façade leads into an equally exciting interior—bustling kitchen in the back contrasts with the relaxed, no-fuss feel of the staff and waiting area. Offering a few tables to sit and chalkboards for menus, this place is hassle-free. The only focus is good food.

Although the menu is slightly limited (tacos, burritos, guacamole and salsa), there is
something for everyone. From chicken and steak to fish and sweet potato, the array of options eliminates the veto vote (unless someone doesn’t like Mexican food, but who doesn’t like Mexican…)

I was feeling hungry and adventurous—the perfect state for a visit to Honest Tom’s. I
ordered a sweet potato burrito and guacamole to start, and my roommate ordered a
sweet potato burrito as well. We didn’t realize that we could have split one and still have
leftovers (the burrito half is currently calling my name from our refrigerator)—Honest
Tom’s does NOT skimp on portions. Someone with a normal appetite would be stuffed, and be very happy about it. At Honest Tom’s, they not only want you to enjoy each bite, but also want to make sure that your number of bites is essentially endless.

Guacamole is an all-time favorite of mine, so my expectations were admittedly a little high. Despite that, I was incredibly impressed. I felt like I was eating pure avocado, enhanced by slight amounts of herbs and seasonings. The guacamole comes with blue potato chips, salted at the shop, whose crunch adds the perfect complement to the smooth, zesty dip. If you like fancy guacamole, with a noticeable tomato flavor, this version may not be for you. But if you’re a purest who appreciates the solid taste of a fresh, ripe avocado, you need to get this guac. Seriously.

I could have eaten the entire, generously portioned (to say the least) container of guac, but the steam rising from the freshly prepared sweet potato burrito was too enticing to ignore. I picked up the first half, and it did not disappoint. Each bite of the burrito contained the incredible sweet/savory flavor combination that makes the sweet potato option so unique. The rice, beans and sour cream create a perfect complement to the sweetness of the potato, which serves as both a hearty filling and surprising kick of flavor. I have seriously never tasted anything like it, and cannot wait to try it again.

I so wish I discovered Honest Tom’s first, because people would be thanking me for the
rest of my life. It is a not-so-hidden gem in University City that offers filling food at a great price. The strong flavors and authentic, laid back feel definitely left me wanting to return as soon as I finish those leftovers…

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Large portions with unique flavors
  • Tacos offer less-filling options
  • Laid-back atmosphere creates relaxing, casual meal

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Limited seating (especially in the winter, no outside tables)
  • Must be in the mood for Mexican

Honest Tom’s, 261 S. 44th Street (between Locust and Spruce),215 620-1851



  • I love Honest Tom’s! I haven’t gone to the B&M location yet though. One note of constructive criticism: don’t use flash when taking pix of food- I honestly thought that the bag of tortilla chips was a pile of moldy lettuce (or looked like, anyway).

  • @Earl- Rachel is new, we already had a talk about it. She knows not to do it next time!!

  • Wow the food looks great. Next time i am in Philly will try this place out. The girl is cute too. :)

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