Taco Not So Loco

Taco Loco is a truck on 4th and Washington with a simple Mexican menu. They serve tacos, tortas, burritos, quesadillas, and sodas. Tacos are $2.50 each, nothing loco about that. I got 2 of them.  A nice day like today is the right time to sit on the plastic chairs they keep on the sidewalk next to the truck and watch the world go by as your wait for your food.

Tacos are served with cilantro, onion, and lime.  There are 2 types of hot sauces on the counter to put on your food. It is simple, simple, simple. The corn tortillas held up well. My carnitas taco was fine, but not memorable. The choriqueso (chorizo and cheese) was better for me because the flavor of the chorizo stood out.

Mostly, I just enjoyed the experience of eating tacos while sitting in my chair and watching a soccer game go down. The tacos are really basic, but maybe the tortas are more loco? I wouldn’t go out of my way for Taco Loco, but I would eat there again on a nice day if I were in the area.

Taco Loco, 4th and Washington


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