A Hairy Situation at Ming River

A while back some ladies were selling sticky rice and congee outside of Ming River Side Walk House, they were delicious but I wanted to check out the actual restaurant. Inside, Ming River has a small menu with an emphasis on soups.

My meal went from good, to edible, to scary. Ladies and gentleman this story is not for the faint of heart. I have eaten at my share of dives and places of questionable practices, but I have never really dealt with grossly unappetizing food like this. I’ll start you off easy, but be warned there will be a twist of M. Night Shyamalan proportions.

As I said, it all started well, for an appetizer, I really enjoyed the oyster pancake. My dollar was well spent on this pleasantly greasy fried patty stuffed with an oyster mixture.

There is also a section on the menu with a list of “aromatic items”. Most of these aromatics happen to be of the internal organ persuasion, but I picked the egg to be safe. It mostly tasted like an egg,  maybe there was a slight hint of aromaticness, but it was kinda just an egg.

When I moved on the the soup menu, things took a turn for the worse. I made what ended up being a deadly decision. I made the mistake of picking something I thought would be more interesting- the mutton noodle soup. At first, everything seemed fine and dandy; the fat noodles looked good, I liked the mushroom selection. The broth was a little bland, but I could have worked with that. Then I saw the mutton.  I am going to end this post now. If you want to see a photo of what I saw, of what destroyed my appetite for an entire day, you can look ahead. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ming River Side Walk House, 148 N 10th St, 215 625-9555



  • so… what’s the problem?

    That’s how Chinese food is haha

  • I believe it was Bordain I was watching the other day on TV who said you can tell how fresh the meat is because it’s still got a few hairs left on it.

  • There is nuthin’ appetizing about that mutton. That said, I was expecting something worse, along these lines: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20091020182952AAycmjg

  • Yikes. That’s a hairy situation you got there.

  • Yikes. That was unexpected :(

    As for the ladies selling the stuff outside the cafe…they’re not associated with the people inside. The people outside used to run the store inside but then at some point they gave up the store and just had the outside stand that sold soft tofu with the ginger sugar sauce, sticky rice, rice noodles and the grass jelly.

    I would love to know what happened to the people outside. They haven’t been selling their foodstuffs for a while now and I miss their soft tofu and the grass jelly.

  • you probably won’t want to be my friend after this, but i usually just pluck out the hairs and eat the meat anyway…

    hey, i’m asian. it’s expected, right? -_-|||

  • you guys are making me feel like a wuss, I think I am extra sensitive bc I generally hate hairs that are not in the right place, ex: stuck in library books, lingering on a table, lying on bars of soap, embedded in hunks of skin attached to my mutton meat…

  • ughhh. hair in library books is not ok.
    hands down, one of my worst pet peeves of all time.

  • not very appetizing…but at the same time it’s not as startling as i thought it was going to be!

    lol at myinnerfatty’s comment.

    maybe i’m not a real asian b/c unlike steph, i wouldn’t pluck em and eat haha! not judging though steph.

    can’t.stop.scrolling. up to see that photo again…

  • @bridges I am doing the exact opposite.. I literally had to cover the screen while formatting so I didn’t have to look at it

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    So that’s Hair of the Dog?

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