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Lunch Links (The “Please Make Korean Fried Chicken Come to Center City ” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Drew Lazor at Meal Ticket

  • Grubstreet reports that Sticks and Stones, a restaurant that was supposed to have opened 2 years ago, is slated to open in a month with an eclectic menu including… Korean fried chicken!!! [Grubstreet]
  • Hardena is still looking good, looks like they now are posting a menu making things more user friendly [Mac & Cheese]
  • The steamed buns at Doma sound delicious. Also bibimbap is offered for lunch starting at $10 [The Inquirer]
  • Meal Ticket gets a first peak at snazzy looking Tweed, opening  June 12th [Meal Ticket]

For Your Next Trip To NYC, StreetMeatPalooza 3 Will Direct You to the Best of the Best: Check out Street Meat Palooza 3 to see the results of Midtown Lunch's annual blind taste test of the meat and rice carts in the city. I participated last year so I know the judges did not have an easy task.  I do miss that white sauce. What are the top places for the chicken/gyro meat and rice plates in Philly?

It is Definitely Frozen Hot Chocolate Weather

With 3 locations around the city, the sweet treats at Naked Chocolate Cafe are easy to access. While the teas, hot coffee drinks, and hot chocolate (yum!) dominate the menu, there are some warm weather friendly items- like the frozen hot drinking chocolate.

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Crepe Insanity: Ranch Covered Gyro and Pepperoni Crepe from a Truck

The Creperie is very popular among the undergrads over at Temple. Both sweet and savory crepes are made to order and tons of fillings are available. They tend to get pretty busy during lunch time, but the boys inside the truck work fast. You can make your own crepe or chose from the combos available. Most of the combos are relatively normal. But not the “Alexander the Crepe”.  This one is a special breed.

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Trying Duck Chili for the First Time

No Profiled Luncher Today because nobody volunteered, that makes me sad. I love reading your recommendations. I hope you guys start emailing me ( and volunteering yourselves to be profiled soon, or I might just cry.

Instead, I want to share a dish that 12th Cantina in Reading Terminal just starting serving this weekend- Duck Chili.

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Serious Sandwiches at Jake’s Sandwich Board

I love reading menus of the places I plan on going to eat. When I first looked at the menu for 12th Street’s newest sandwich joint, Jake’s Sandwich Board,  the words “whole roasted pig” jumped right off the page and smacked me in the face. Then I got hit again- some crazy genius at Jake’s designed a sandwich with hot dog slices and rib eye steak and another with turkey breast, bacon, and a black cherry spread. I knew I was going to like this place.

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Buy 1 get 1 lunch at McGillins for June Babies: According to their Twitter feed, if your birthday is in June and you email, you can get a buy one get one free lunch coupon