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Fukuburger’s Egg Burger is as Good as it Sounds


There is so much to hate about Fukuburger, the new “American hamburgers with a Japanese twist” joint that opened on Cahuenga in Hollywood last week.  There’s the yelling when you walk in.  The “hip” urban Asian (urbasian?) decor, which looks like a fancy design firm was told to Kogi-Truck-ify a bar for anime characters.  Then there is the giant flat screen displaying real time tweets that mention @fukuburger, and the waitresses forcing you to come up with a nickname for your table- “no real names, please!”   After a bit of prodding our waitress put as down as the Purple People Eater, a name she came up with for us based on my wife’s favorite color.  Are we having fun yet!?

It all seems a bit too gimmicky, which shouldn’t be a complete shock considering that Fukuburger started off as a food truck in Vegas, and was brought to L.A. by the same people who own Pink Taco (the ultimate in trendy gimmicks, in a city full of gimmicks, by people who specialize in gimmicks.)  So, it wasn’t entirely shocking when the whole staff broke out into a “When I say FUKU, you say BURGER” chant.  Seriously… are we having fun yet or what?!

And yet, I’m willing to forgive a lot when we’re talking about a burger topped with egg, onion strings, and teriyaki sauce. Fukuburger me!

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3 New Lunches I’m Very Excited to Try

IMG_1458Ramen fanatics… our wait is finally over.  Tsujita L.A. finally opens for lunch today, and will begin serving ramen and tsukemen- the dishes they are famous for in Japan. Normally you might want to give a place like this time to get settled, but they’ve been open for two months for dinner while clearly holding out on serving their ramen!  Clearly it’s ready for public consumption, and  if the Tanaka pop up at Mitsuwa last week (which was reportedly a testing ground for the ramen chefs at Tsujita) was any indication, it’s going to be amazing from day 1.

But that’s not the only new lunch I’m excited about this week…

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