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Does Bagel Broker Have the Best Bagels in L.A.?


Ever since my visit to the newly opened Brooklyn Water Bagel Co. in Beverly Hills, I’ve been kind of in the mood for bagels.  And, while their bagels were definitely good, and I liked their ice coffee ice cubes, the rest of the nonsense will probably keep me from being a regular customer (I’m looking at you pizza melts).  So, where does one go for bagels in this town? Noah’s is terrible (real bagels are not completely flat on one side), and most people who have moved here from New York will say don’t bother looking. And yet Bagel Broker, near The Grove, seems to come up in conversation a ton- kind of like Joe’s and Vito’s on the similarly maligned L.A. pizza front.

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Brooklyn Water Bagel Co: The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly


When Brooklyn Water Bagel Company, which is partly owned by Larry King, opened its first west coast franchise in Beverly Hills last month a ton of red flags went up. First and most obvious is the Larry King thing. Seriously… that’s your selling point? (Can that guy’s dentures even cut through a real bagel?) Then there was the whole “Brooklyn water” thing, which anybody who has ever been to a New York style pizza place in L.A. should be familiar with. (Really? You pay to have water flown in from New York City to make that pizza? You’re an idiot.) Oh, but don’t worry. Brooklyn Water Bagel Company doesn’t use actual Brooklyn water. They’ve developed a “proprietary water treatment technology system” to create the ideal water for making bagels. (Idiots as well.)

And yet something about their nonsense worked. Maybe it was my one and only soul crushing experience at Noah’s, or the impending Passover holiday, but something willed me to go and check out the bagel that Larry King claims transported him back to Brooklyn with one bite.

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