Kabab Mahaleh Adds Rotisserie Chicken to Their Already Stellar Lineup


Not having to drive all the way to the Valley for some fresh baked sangak is a great thing for those of us who live in L.A. proper. But being able to get solid, under $10 kebab lunch specials alongside that fresh baked Persian bread is what made Kabab Mahaleh (8762 Pico Blvd, just East of Robertson) one of my favorite 21 lunches in Los Angeles to share with people from out of town. So when I heard that a rotisserie spit had popped in their window a few weeks back, I got pretty excited. And on Friday I finally got to check it out (with a friend from out of town, of course!)


For $8.95 you get a half chicken plus your choice of rice, roasted tomato, raw onion and bread.  L.A. has no shortage of great rotisserie chicken, but even the most experienced of chicken lovers might be surprised by the first bite of this flavorful bird. The skin isn’t as dark golden brown as Zankou’s, or as smoky as Pollo ala Brasa, but if you’re a fan of saffron you will love this lunch. Lemon and saffron to be exact. A lot of saffron. (Did I mention the chicken tasted like it had bathed in Saffron?) They didn’t skimp on the salt either, this is a well seasoned chicken- and what it lacked in crispy skin in more than made up for in moist meat. The lady behind the counter said this kind of chicken is traditionally served with green rice, but they’ll let you get it with the plain rice, or their zereshk rice topped with dry barberries.

So good. The only problem is, now you might need to go with 5 people!

Kabab Mahaleh is a Lunch Best Enjoyed by 4


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  • Speaking of Persian, have you tried the Farsi Cafe inside the Super Sun grocery on Westwood? Excellent take-away Persian stews, rices, etc. for a reasonable price. Haven’t tried the kebabs yet, but they look great.

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