Yamadaya CC Adds “Ramen Fried Rice” To Menu


It appears as if the “soft opening” mode of the new Culver City branch of Ramen Yamadaya (11172 Washington Blvd.) has ended.  Official menus appear to be in place, and as a result there are some new dishes to be had… including takoyaki, agedashi tofu, and gyoza.  But the one new thing that caught my eye was the “Yamadaya Fried Rice”, which was described to me as a bowl of fried rice topped with all the things you’d find on a bowl of their ramen.  Yes please!  Clearly the two big hunks of kakuni pork belly are the biggest improvement over the standard fried rice, but I also liked the greens and the seasoned egg.  And if you told me they snuck a little ramen broth in there, for fat and flavor, I would totally believe you (which in the end is more important than whether or not they actually do it, right?)  At $8 or $9 it’s a bit expensive as a side dish, but considering the size of the ramen bowl it comes in it’s probably meant to be eaten as a stand alone lunch.  It also has solidified Yamadaya as my go-to Westside ramenya (sorry Santouka!)

Ramen Yamadaya Comes Between Santouka & I


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  • Is that seaweed there so you can wrap everything together like some ramen hand roll or Japanese burrito? God that looks good.

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