Mozza2Go Now Selling Two Pizza For $20

**Since this post was originally published, Mozza2Go has begun to offer these specials daily**


I don’t know if there are many absolute food truths in this world, but one that is seemingly undeniable is that Nancy Silverton is an L.A. food goddess. And nowhere is that more evident than at Pizzeria Mozza. Minor quibbles aside (some people just have to be contrarian!), the place is awesome… so much so, I’ve been back more than once. (Which is saying a lot considering how much catching up I have to do since moving back to L.A. from NYC at the beginning of the year after 4+ years away.) Obviously the place isn’t a Midtown Lunch, but when Mozza To Go opened up around the corner it didn’t give me hope that maybe- just maybe- we could squeeze a $10 lunch item out of the Mozza empire. Sadly on their whole menu of pizzas and sandwiches (sorry, I think of salads as an appetizer not a lunch!) only one thing qualifies: the $10 tomato pizza with oregano and extra virgin olive oil. I’m guessing that means no cheese, right? A cheese-less pizza? (*sigh*) Can Midtown Lunch really endorse this?

If you are a cheap bastard (like me) and you’ve been to Mozza to Go you know you’ve considered ordering the tomato pizza. Maybe you just left in frustration? Or maybe you shelled out the extra $3 for the margherita? Well, last week I took the bullet for all the penny pinchers out there and tried the lowly tomato pizza. Check it out after the jump…


We have confirmation. It’s a cheese-less pizza. I suppose you could say it’s the best cheese-less pizza I’ve ever had… but clearly it would have better with cheese (unless you’re lactose intolerant, which makes this your all time favorite pizza). The dough is fantastic, and the sauce is great (although you do have to like oregano to be into this bad boy, because they don’t hold back.)


So, I was prepared to say that it was worth it to shell out the extra $3 for the cheese… but then I found out, we don’t have to! Mozza2Go just announced their first ever pizza special- on Sundays and (more importantly for those who use this site to find workday lunches) Mondays you can now get two Margherita pizzas for just $20. Bringing the single pizza price down to… wait for it… wait for it… TEN DOLLARS!!!! (Can you tell I’m excited?) And for those of you who are made of money (and need toppings) you can two sausage pizzas for $25, and two meat lovers pizzas for $28. But more importantly did I mention you can get two margherita pizzas for $20!?!?!

So you know what that means? Mozza2Go is officially a Midtown Lunch. Just one bit of advice that anybody who has ever been to Mozza2Go already knows… order in advance. Seriously. This is no joke. Use the menu online, and order your shit ahead of time. They use the same exact kitchen as the pizzeria and can only make a certain number of pizzas and sandwiches at once (once again- not concerned with the salads.) Which means you’re waiting for your food along with the rest of the people in the restaurant, and that can be anywhere from 30 minutes to over an hour during peak lunch times. You’ve been warned.

Also of note, don’t take the pizza anywhere. Eat it on the sidewalk. Or in your car.

Mozza2Go, 6610 Melrose Ave. (just West of Highland), 323 297 1130


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