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Lunch Links (The “Let Me Guide You Through Chinatown” Edition)

Slurping dumplings in Shanghai

  • I know you love reading about my Chinatown eating adventures. Here is your chance to let me take you [My Chinatown Tour]
  • Foobooz is also down with the cheesesteaks from John’s Roas Pork [Foobooz]
  • Some new food trucks to look out for [Zagat]

Lunch Links (The “Smell my Skillet” Editon)

Tasso sandwich at Plenty

  • Why does bacon smell so good? [NPR]
  • Mmmm carbs, where to get the best bread in South Philly [Meal Ticket]
  • A new Plenty location is coming to Queens Village [Foobooz]
  • There are plenty of outdoor dining guides out there, but ya gotta trust Drew Lazor [Serious Eats]

Lunch Links (The “Back Shaving for Memorial Day?” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Ron Templeman

  • Co Zara in UCity is open for lunch with ramen and rice bowls  [Foobooz]
  • A comprehensive guide to eating in our airport  [Eater]
  • This lamb sloppy Joe looks awesome [Ron Templeman  via Foobooz]
  • What to PA residents google more than people in other states? Oh, back shaving. But at least #2 is beer and #3 is competitive eating [Philly Mag]

Lunch Links (The “Indian Restaurant/Grocery Store” Edition)

Rice and Spice

  •  The kids at Penn don’t have to go far from spicy Indian food at Rice and Spice  [Penn Appetit]
  • And those well fed kids will be getting a fish taco place soon [The Insider]
  • There are some cheap lunches going in at Sassafras while a new lunch menu gets finalized [Phoodie]
  • No love for the Italian hoagie at Pastaficio’s,  stick to the meatballs then! [22nd and Philly]

Lunch Links (The “Sushi Burrito” Edition)

  • In a “why didn’t I think of that” moment, Hai Street  is bringing burrito sized sushi to Philly later this month, with free sushi on the 21st [Foobooz]
  • A new fancy lunch open for you, Le Cheri just started serving lunch with a $25 “Georges Perrier” crab cake [Zagat]
  • This Saturday in the suburbs there will be a bacon and beer festival, everyone’s 2 favorite things [CJ's Doghouse]
  • This weekend, a vegan yet interesting breakfast and lunch place is opening on 17th and Locust. I have my eye on the Burmese options [The Insider]

Lunch Links (The “Fast Food Kale” Edition)

  • Divan on 6th has been replaced by a Greek restaurant with 6 different falafel sandwiches for lunch [Zagat]
  • Chef Kevin Sbraga is opening a rottisserie restaurant in Broad and South this fall [The Insider]
  • Panda Express still thinks its 2011 and is now offering a a kale bowl [Eater]
  • I know you will be outside drinking tomorrow, but where? South Street, Walnut Street, Graduate Hospital? Or everywhere 

Lunch Links (The “Tomato Ice Cream” Edition)

  • Early reports do not recommend the burgers at BurgerFi [A Side of Ketchup]
  • Haagen Daz in Japan is coming out with vegetable ice cream [Jezebel]
  • I am really excited for this French rotisserie to come this summer to Washington Square West [The Insider]
  • Brisket or sirloin for your cheesesteak? Jake’s wants you to try both and pick [Foobooz]