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Lunch Links (The “On Buns, Tacos, and Waffles” Edition)

Lunch Links (“Summer Openings & Happy Independance Day”)

A deep fried, bacon wrapped patriotic hot dog topped with mozzarella sticks from Moe’s

  • Amerithai has opened down on Snyder [Passyunk Post]
  • Torero Tapas is now another Italian Market Mexican restaurant, though slightly more upscale [Zagat]
  • Modern Caribbean coming to West Philly next month [Foobooz]
  • If you are in town this weekend, here is a comprehensive guide to all the holiday action [Uwishunu]

Lunch Links (The “Center City Centric” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Philly Lunch Hour

  • I am pretty psyched that an Italian sandwich place is coming to 18th and Arch next week, we need it [The Insider]
  • Burgers at just-opened Good Stuff Eatery are thick and well salted [Foobooz]
  • Tria Taproom just added a 2 course $14 lunch [Eater]
  • Philly Lunch Hour has an honest report about Hai Street [Philly Lunch Hour]

Lunch Links (The “Guac-Off for Charity” Edition)

  • In the Old City cheesesteak throwdown, Sonny’s beats Campos according to Foobooz [Foobooz]
  • This weekend, eat guacamole for a good cause [MANNA]
  • A new food cart to stalk that Red would approve of: Polish food! from Mom-Mom’s [Zagat]
  • If you want a gluten free pasta pop up, help fund this Kickstarter [Meal Ticket]

Lunch Links (The “Soup Campaign for Social Good” Edition)

Chef Solomonov trying on a chicken suit at Broad Street Ministry, courtesy of Tim Moyer

  • Please support this local Kickstarter campaign from the Federal Donut folk to create a restaurants whose proceeds will go to Broad Street Ministry, a really amazing nonprofit here in Philly [Kickstarter]
  • I can never get enough lobster rolls, here is a slideshow of them [Zagat]
  • Seeking lunch on the weekend? Stock has duck sausage and beef cheek banh mi [Meal Ticket]
  • NYC’s Big Gay Ice Cream Shop is coming to Broad and South [The Insider]
  • Looking for something different in the city tomorrow? The Vendy Awards are in town! Say hi to Samosa Deb for meĀ  [Vendy Awards]
  • Or, there is another popup food court at the Dreaming Building. Hopefully the jerk chicken man will be there again [American Dreaming]

Lunch Links (The “Let Me Guide You Through Chinatown” Edition)

Slurping dumplings in Shanghai

  • I know you love reading about my Chinatown eating adventures. Here is your chance to let me take you [My Chinatown Tour]
  • Foobooz is also down with the cheesesteaks from John’s Roas Pork [Foobooz]
  • Some new food trucks to look out for [Zagat]

Lunch Links (The “Smell my Skillet” Editon)

Tasso sandwich at Plenty

  • Why does bacon smell so good? [NPR]
  • Mmmm carbs, where to get the best bread in South Philly [Meal Ticket]
  • A new Plenty location is coming to Queens Village [Foobooz]
  • There are plenty of outdoor dining guides out there, but ya gotta trust Drew Lazor [Serious Eats]