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Lunch Links (The “Spicy Cucumber” Edition)

  • Philly Weekly has a friendly reminder that both Misconduct locations make a build your own mac and cheese [Philly Weekly]
  • The Le Bok Fin people are opening a global restaurant in Center City [The Insider]
  • How to replicate those cucumbers you love at Han Dynasty and Dan Dan [Serious Eats]

Lunch Links (The “Coconut Bar Coming” Edition)

  • Though I think I’d prefer a more casual approach, a Filipino restaurant is coming to E Passyunk which is definitely something Philly needs more of [Eater]
  • The neighborhood is also getting a sate shop and “coconut bar” [Eater]
  • Chicken thigh and skin taco by the Paesano’s sandwich guys is coming to Fishtown [The Insider]
  • Pho spiced pork confit banh mi at Same Same [22nd and Philly]

Lunch Links (The “Mega Wawa” Edition)

  • The fall menu for Morgan’s Pier has a whole lot of veggie options [Foobooz]
  • Gavin’s Cafe is not my favorite, but this photos are lovely [Ted Nghiem]
  • A fancy ice cream vending machine on Washington Ave [Foobooz]
  • The Super Wawa is open and serving things like horseradish beef over a bed of mashed potatoes [Zagat]

Lunch Links (The “Post Festival Exhaustion” Edition)

  • Can you find me in this Street Fare photo recap? [Philly Mag]
  • Breaded chicken in an Italian sandwich is possible at Taproom on 19th [Philly Weekly]
  • Really lovely pictures of Southgate [Foobooz]
  • Some tempting details to get you excited for Rooster Soup [Zagat]

Lunch Links (The “Its Jewish New Year Already?” Edition)

  • Opening: Lil Pop Shop [The Insider]
  • Open: Stargazy [Zagat]
  • and Meltkraft [Foobooz]
  • Closing: Tashan [Eater]
  • And speaking of opening and closing (that’s a book of life New Year’s reference for ya) a Rosh Hashanah dining round up! [Uwishunu]

Lunch Links (The “Tea and Scones” Edition)

  • How do you feel about a corn and riccota salata end of summer pizza? [Foobooz]
  • If you need to up your mid day classiness and cuteness, the Ritz is starting afternoon tea service [Philly Weekly]
  • Zagat’s best cheap eats include a lot of sandwiches [Zagat]

Lunch Links (The “Keep On Trucking” Edition)

  • A campaign to protest legislation that would limit food truck vending in University City actually worked [Foobooz]
  • How do we feel about cone pizza? [The Insider]
  • Distrito did a bit of a makeover, with what looks like ceviche shots [Philly Weekly]
  • A gluten free take out window is attaching to Pure Fare [Be Well Philly]