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Lunch Links (The “How Many Cheesesteaks Per Hour?” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Penn Appetit

  • Duck ragout is the lunch time winner at a. kitchen [Penn Appetit]
  • A  Texas bbq spot opened on South Street last week. Have you tried it yet? [Zagat]
  • Some  superior human consumed 20 Jim’s cheesesteaks in an hour, a new record [Foobooz]
  • Though its a while from now, folks are already getting exciting about Elmi on schedule April 7th at the Garage’s indoor food truck [Eater]

Lunch Links (The “Brie Mine” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Paperless Post via Huffington Post

  • Food related Valentines Cards are the best [Huffington Post]
  • Noir on E Passyunk is beginning lunch service
  • Thrillist compares fast food fried chicken so you don’t have to settle for an uncrunchy genetically modified thigh [Thrillist]
  • Penn Appetit loves the kebabs and naan at the UCity Kabobeesh [Penn Appetit]
  • While my shabu shabu experience was a little boring this week, 22nd and Philly got their mouths blasted by Sakura’s hot pot [22nd & Philly]
  • Zagat has a list of last minute V-Day deals around Philly [Zagat]
  • Foobooz compiled some Yelp check in offers in town for free things.  I have definitely taken advantage of the free cookie at Talula’s Daily [Foobooz]

Lunch Links (The “Philly on a Fast Food Burger ” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Serious Eats 

  • Rick Bayless’ Mexican fast-ish food spot has opened on Penn’s campus with an affordable menu that looks worth checking out [Foobooz]
  • A look at fast food chain Carl Jr.’s Philly Cheesesteak Burger [Serious Eats]
  • Bored of the same slice on the corner? Zagat has a list of 10 pizza places worth checking out [Zagat]
  • John’s Roast Pork is now doing its own roast beef [The Insider]

Lunch Links (The “I Only Care about the Super Bowl for the Food” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Drink Philly 

  • Best Super Bowl Dip? Vote in the quarterfinals [Deadspin]
  • And bars with wings, in time for the Super Bowl [Drink Philly]
  • But you probably can’t eat as much as this mom from Nebraska who set a new Wing Bowl record (363 in 30 min) []
  • Who is your celeb chef soul late? Better not be Guy [Huffington Post]
  • Uwishunu has a double noodle soup round up for the cold weather: ramen and pho with familiar Midtown Lunch spots- Nom Nom, Hiro, Pho 75, Pho Ha, and Thang Long
  • Johnny Brenda’s rolled cheeseburger sounds weird, looks awesome [Zagat]

Lunch Links (The “Dumpling and Cheesesteak Controversy” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Philly Mag

  • Mad drama with the 2 Dim Sum Garden locations [The Insider]
  • Foobooz is tackling the thankless task of in depth cheesesteak comparisons and comes out with a clear winner [Foobooz]
  • I don’t super love Ethiopian food, but Penn Apetit seemed to have a good meal at Ethio Cafe [Penn Appetit]
  • Top Philly Chef’s picked their favorite under the radar spots to eat, like Meltkraft and Pho Xe Lua [firstwefeast]

Lunch Links (The “Decedent Menu Updates” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Zagat

  • New menu items around town: bossam banh mi at Rotissear [Foobooz],
  • pulled pork waffles at Chhaya Cafe [Phoodie],
  • housemade sausage at Devil’s Den [Foobooz],
  • bacon wrapped meatloaf at The Abbaya [The Insider],
  • and cheesburger egg rolls at Spot Burger [Zagat]

Lunch Links (The “Cheesesteak Squabbling” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of 22nd and Philly
  • Zagat has the scoop on the Cheese E. Wagon truck [Zagat]
  • GQ did a piece on the best cheesesteaks in Philly, whats a better read though, are the 100+ comments regarding his choices on The Insider 
  • This week in Italian Hoagies, 22nd and Philly approved of Paesano’s Daddywad, while Philly Phoodie did not love The Corner Foodery’s Godfather 
  • Lamb BBQ may be coming to Zagar’s South Philly warehouse. If you like this idea (and you should), go to the 1/22 zoning meeting [Passyunk Post