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Lunch Links (The “Sustainable Bug Snack” Edition)

  • I am kind of sad to hear that Sansom Kebob House is moving more south, it was a nice option for Center City lunch [The Insider]
  • If I were in town this weekend, I DEFINITELY would be trying some bugs at Greenfest [Foobooz]
  • The wursts look nice and crispy at Bierstube [Philly Lunch Hour]

Lunch Links (The “Careful with your Labor Day Fishing” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Philly Lunch Hour

  • Your lunchtime taco options have grown this week. Lolita launched lunch an Zagat has pictures [Zagat]
  • Philly Lunch Hour likes the large sandwiches at Rachel’s Nosheri [Philly Lunch Hour]
  • Unfortunately Tea talk and their awesome milk balls did make it, a sushi spot is not in its place. At least it has lunch specials [The Insider]
  • Here is a fish eating a shark, happy Labor Day

Lunch Links (The “African Excursion” Edition)

  • Rotisseur once again pleases another luncher [PhillyLunchHour]
  • Nom Nom Ramen opened a location in UCity with the same solid menu as the Center City spot [Foobooz]
  • Hot Diggity added new, non hotdog menu items, including burgers and some funky regional sandwiches [Zagat]
  • City Paper checks out 5 African restaurants in West Philly including Kilimandjaro and African Smallpot (which I liked) and Le Bercail (which I did not) [City Paper]

Lunch (The “Bagel Revolution” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Zagat

  • Reading Terminal is getting a new burger stand. Would you choose a burger over Dinics? [The Insider]
  • Speaking of Dinics-I am going to have to agree with most of this “overrated” local foods list from Zagat. Especially about Dinic’s pulled pork over the roasted  [Zagat]
  • South St Bagels (which this New York bagel snob actually deems as decent) is opening a Center City location [Foobooz]
  • And I can’t vouch for any of these, but a whole slew of other bagel spots are on their way too. Its about time we have  Philly bagel revolution [Zagat]

Lunch Links (The “Peachy Keen Weekend” Edition)

Hummus elsewhere, from King of Falafel

  • The Zavino crew is opening a Mediterranean enoteca in Midtown Village next year [The Insider]
  • For something happening sooner, the Solomonov hummisaya,  Dizengoff,  is sort of open! [Eater]
  • Play around with Yelp “trends” to see what other locals really care about [Foobooz]
  • I could go for something peachy right now, 7 Zagat recommended peach dishes around town [Zagat]

Lunch Links ( The “Steak Bombs and Smoked Meats” Edition)

Photo Courtesy of Serious Eats

  • Doesn’t this steak bomb look amazing? [Serious Eats]
  • And for something less DIY, try the new food truck “I Smoke My Meat” [Zagat]
  • Some pretty stellar chef events will be happening next week for the “Rittenhouse Row Culinary Collective” [Uwishunu]

Lunch Links (The “Philly Loves Hawaiian and Korean Trucks ” Edition)

  • Reader’s picked Poi Dog as the 2014 Best Food Truck [Philly Mag]
  • This cross country BBQ seeker says South Street’s Phoebe’s is the pits [The Insider]
  • A new Korean truck is coming and the tempting menu of course includes a bulgogi cheesesteak [Zagat]
  • Zagat also has this very handy and in depth comparison of some of Philly’s fast food burgers [Zagat]