Grab a Chicken Pot Pie Muffin from Di Brunos

We all need a quick lunch to grab and go once in a while. But I still won’t sacrifice my stomach room for something boring. The Di Bruno Bros Suburban Station has a heated rack with rotisserie chicken and hot meals that make lunch on the go fairly easy. For example, the chicken pot pie muffin was calling my name.

This creation is about the height and width of an oversized muffin. A flaky crust, that probably gets lets flaky as it sits out, contained chunks of chicken and vegetables had a clean and appropriately seasoned taste- they even included a rosemary garnish. Yes, they sometimes have full pot pies for $3 more, but muffin sized things are cuter. Plus you would probably get some stares if you started digging in to a full pie by yourself.

What is your favorite to-go item at Di Brunos?

Di Bruno Brothers, 1701 JFK Blvd, 215.531.5666


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