Filet Sandwiches from Nick’s Charcoal Pit, because not all Philly steak sandwiches are chopped

A few years ago, Luncher Zoe wrote about the char broiled meat sandwiches at Nick’s Charcoal Pit in South Philly by the Snyder Station. While in the area looking for a restaurant that I found out had closed, I saw the Nick’s sign, remembered her report,  and came up with my plan B.

The menu has wings, burgers, ribs, and chicken sandwiches but who was I to say no to their signature: filet mignon on a sandwich. In a city where bread is often piled with chopped steak or brisket and pulled or sliced pork – having a sandwich featuring thick slices of steak is a nice change. I got mine on the seeded Sarcone’s bread with tomato, onions, and cheese (a bit over $10 after tax). The steak was simply seasoned, but not lacking flavor and cooked well so that it wasn’t hard to manage inside the sandwich.

If I were to return to Nick’s, I would head straight back to this guy and not even bother trying anything else. Nick’s is mostly a takeout spot and my sandwich was ready pretty quickly. We are blessed to be in a city of great meat sandwiches. Where do you go when you want your red meat unchopped?

Nick’s Charcoal Pit, 1242 Snyder Ave., 215-271-3750



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