Savory Bowls at Metropolitan Cafe

Metropolitan Cafe is conveniently located on the South end of Rittenhouse Square, next to its small bakery. The cafe sells  sandwiches, soups, snacks, pastries and more, plus a caffeinated drinks. It’s pretty cozy in there, and the large windows are perfect for watching people walk by.

I ordered a savory root vegetable tart, which was brought out to me after it was warmed up. I liked the mix of potatoes, carrots, onions, squash and herbs. It was a filling portion but I grew a bit bored of eating it before I was finished. More cheese would definitely have helped.

I also ordered the soup of the day for later, a veggie miso. I liked the bread that came with it but found the soup to be quite bland.  Worst of all, somehow my savory tart, miso soup, and an iced chai cost me close to $20. I like Metropolitan’s Baked goods a lot, and I want to believe their cafe has some winning plates. Has anyone had a success here?

Metropolitan Cafe, 264. S. 19th Street (between Manning and Spruce, 215 545 6655


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    We live just across the park from there and I never knew they had a cafe side! I love their breads, but in my experience a great bread bakery often falls short in the prepared foods category. Given your experience, I’ll probably just stick with the breads. Thanks for taking one for the team!

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