When on Snyder, La Rosa Pizza

I’m going to be real with you – I happened to be a bit day drunk when I stopped for lunch at La Rosa. I will do my best to recap, because I  really enjoyed myself at this little pizza spot. La Rosa has been open for over 30 years and must have a real loyal customer base- the counter lady could tell we were new.

From the back of my soggy brain I remembered that this place was known for their potato slices. We were told they weren’t quite ready yet, but we could wait. So wait we did, ordering a pepperoni Stromboli type thing in the interim. “Salty meat, hot dough, good ” is what I was thinking. It wasn’t overly doughy as to have the pepperoni get lost. Counter lady cut it in half to make it shareable.

I may have done a pizza dance when the potato pie came out. The super thin, crisped potato slices were working for me. I usually find rosemary overpowering and try to avoid it, but the herbal scattering worked to add pizzazz to this subtle pizza.
I would totally go back here sober.
Note there is no seating and no bathroom here- I learned that the hard way and had to order an apple pie at McDonald just to be able to tinkle.

La Rosa, 2106 S Broad St215 271-5246


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