Fancy Oven Work From Fairmount’s Pizzeria Vetri

Pizzeria Vetri has been providing upscale Neapolitan style oven delicacies since the Fall of last year. I pregamed my Whole Foods trip with pizza.  Sidenote: I love abbrevs as the next gal, but I beg everyone to never use ‘za as an abbreviation for pizza. It makes my skin crawl.

If you are into anchovies, the Caeser salad is the read deal; beautifully cooked eggs, fresh, oversized crutons,  a nice helping of parm, and an anchovy infused dressing. Pricy simplicity at $10.

The pizzeria’s rotolo’s are a crowd favorite ($4.50); two roll ups of pizza dough, mortadella, ricotta, pistacchio pesto. The combo of  pesto and touch of ricotta is amazing, the pistachio flavor s intense. The thickness of the dough is perfect. For me though, the mortadella is not the best match. A more dry cured meat, or even something like pepperoni would have paired better.

If you want pizza, but don’t feel like getting a whole pie, your only option is the rotating slice of the day. Unlike the pies, these slices are thick. Mine had prosciutto and onions and I enjoyed the focaccia like base.

And if you do want a whole pie, know that the crust is thin and the ingredients will all be high quality, like the basil,  mozz, and tangy tomato sauce on the basic Margherita ($14). And it makes for a good pizza, but just not a particularly memorable one.

I was able to take advantage of the outdoor seating, but the vibe on the inside seemed pretty casual, exacerbating the steepness of the prices. They must use a rich mahogany in those wood burning ovens.

Pizzeria Vetri, 1939 Callowhill St, 215 600-2629



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