Measure your Food in Miles at McGillin’s

I learned that I am, at least,  consistent. Apparently October/Oktoberfest makes me want to visit McGillin’s for lunch. Having just gone back for some gut busting, heart warming lumberjack food, I realized the last time I visited (for lunch, because I get drinks there on the reg like every other self respecting resident) was also in October.

Much like the shepard’s pie I had last time, the “mile high meatloaf” comes with ground meat, mashed potatoes, and gravy. And just like the shepard’s pie, this is more about volume than quality. Not that its bad, its just simple. The mashed potatoes had a nice texture. An onion ring, garlic bread, and sauteed vegetables make the pile of food even more mountain-like.

The mac and cheese was maybe more satisfying, because cheese cheese cheese. Though I didn’t love the crab cake ball on top.

Don’t forget, all meals come with soup- help yourself to the soup of the day in the corner. Chances are though, it might need salt and pepper.

McGillin’s has been and will always be about the beer, which always makes the food better.New discovery though, did you know they have their own song?? This reminds me of a recent Always Sunny Episode.

McGillin’s, 1310 Drury  St (btw Juniper and 13th St), 215 735-5562


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