Kavei Express Switching to Angkor Thom, Expanding the Cambodian Menu

Over 2 years ago, I visited Kavei Express and was really blown away by their fried Cambodian dumplings. When I returned to try more, I saw that the menu is completely different. Then I found out that new owners took over a few months ago and will soon be changing the name of the restaurant to Angkor Thom.  The new menu is much more expansive and comes with helpful English translations.

Spring rolls came stuffed with a bit of pork and cabbage, and tasted homemade. The skin didn’t break off into greasy flakes like generic spring rolls. Just $1 for two little ones.

The raw beef salad ($10) was not my favorite version. The beef was torn in small pieces and there were bits of tripe. The basil, mint, jalepeno, and peanut though, imparted a lot of layered flavors.

Another appetizer, the beef on a stick ($3), came with a papaya salad and had a thick, sticky marinade that gave the pieces of meat an amazing sweet and grilled flavored.  These made us say “wow;” not ordering these would be stupid.

A giant bowl of “everything pho” ($7) comes with an adventurous assortment of meat and organs. The subtle, flowery broth studded with fried shallots and snappy noodles was very satisfying.

From the special Cambodian soup menu, I tried the shrimp sweet and sour soup ($10). Loaded with scallions and pineapple, the soup delivered on both sweet and sour promises, though reminding me of a sweeter and less sour version of a Thai Tom Yum soup.

We were told the menu would be expanding soon as the owners work on the change over. And since Angkor Thom does not yet have their menu printed or posted on the internet, here are some pictures of the current menu to encourage you to check this place out.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Big  menu of Cambodian food
  • Amazing beef skewers

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • They run out of things

Angkor Thom / Kavei Express, 2223-2225 S 7th St, 215 755 2151


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