A Pound of Wings at Dienner’s

At this point, I have pretty much tried all the food establishments inside Reading Terminal. I love the Terminal, I go as often as I can and usually leave with more produce than I can comfortably carry. I realized there was a place I hadn’t eaten at, Dienner’s BBQ Chicken. I will blame the location for that- they are practically hidden away on the wall next to Dutch Eating Place.

Dienner’s does Rotisserie chicken.  You can get it whole or have some legs and wings.  There are piles of it and you can choose what looks best for you. The chicken are from Lancaster and the chefs are Amish.

Lunch combos are available. The guy in front of me in line was a regular and suggested the wing combo. It comes with a pound of wings, a drink, and a sauce- $10.80 with tax. I love food that is provided to you by weight. A pound will get you about 7-9 wings here. I requested a mix of their different wing styles- fried, San Antonio, and rotisserie.  Fried wings are self explanatory. I liked this a lot, they weren’t greasy and the skin didn’t slip off. The rotisserie wings were very impressive, the skin was cooked right so it was moist inside and had the collagen-melty layer under the skin. San Antonio, the BBQ sauce flavor got a little cloying after a while, but not a horrible wing to have. My sweet lemonade and blue cheese sauce finished off this  unhealthily satisfying lunch time meal.

Dienner’s BBQ Chicken, 51 N 12th St  (@ Filbert St), 215 925-8755



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    I actually like their location. You can sneak right in and out via the least-crowded RTM ingress point. I use it all the time when all I need to do is make a quick stop at my apple cider, yogurt and half & half guy (Lancaster County Dairy, I think?).

    Yet I’ve never eaten at Dienner’s, myself. Probably one of the only three or four stalls (including the cookbook and craft stalls) I haven’t patronized. Pretty sure I’ll check out their pulled chicken (I think it is?) sandwich sooner or later, though…

  • Very Merchant of Venice.

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