Points for Neatness at Al Zaytouna

Seeking a fast and semi health lunch in the Italian Market, I popped in to Alzaytouna, a 2 year old Mediterranean restaurant. The menu, as one might expect, is full of kebabs and falafel.

I selected the chicken shawarma sandwich($8). It came with tomato, lettuce, onions, and humus.  It was big, and there are a lot of chicken inside, but I didn’t love the flavor of the chicken.  There were some darker meat pieces that threw me off. I did like the fact that it was wrapped so very neatly in a thin laffa that even me, a pretty messy eater, managed to keep the whole thing together. To wash it down, I enjoyed an unsweetened imported iced tea.  I would probably have picked the lamb or kofta kebab if I could re-do my order. If anyone could confirm those options are more successful, let us know in the comments.

Al Zaytouna, 906 Christian St, 215-399-0772



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    This is probably the only Middle Eastern place in or around Center City I haven’t been to yet. May try them soon, I’ll follow up afterwards. I’d probably go for the merguez sandwich, after looking at their menu…

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    The platters they offer are great and huge! The falafel, sausage and hummus are not to be missed

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