Best Pierogies in Town from Donna’s Bar

Welcome Back, Happy 2013! Recently, while exploring in Port Richmond I passed a kind of seedy looking bar. But with the old school sign announcing “Fine Homemade Polish Food”  I had to  try it out.

Inside, we found a colorful medley of older folk enjoying a mid day beer. Speaking of, there are many Polish beer varieties like Zyweic, which I liked. If you can withstand the cigarette smoke, yes they allow that here, you should stick around for a snack.

The friendly, pregnant bartender informed us the pierogies were all homemade. I asked for an order of the meat filled, but were instead presented with an order of the potato. I couldn’t hold that mistake against Donna’s Bar. The pierogies were big and filled with a buttery mashed potato mixture. I was most impressed by the how soft and fun to bite in to the dough was. I couldn’t help but compare these to the pierogies served at the neighboring Polish landmark Syrenka, and I have to say, these just slightly take the win.

And if you want to make a night out of it, I hear they have a rocking karaoke party on Friday nights.

Donna’s Bar, 2732 East Allegheny Ave, 215 426 7618


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    I remember reading, and apparently then forgetting (although, naturally, I don’t remember that), about this place not long ago. Thanks for the reminder. Port Richmond is a good neighbor, and I don’t drop by nearly as often as I should.

    To paraphrase Clemenza, I’ll leave the karaoke, take the pierogi.

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