Pastificio’s Contest Winning Meatballs

At the end of October, the Swedish Museum held its 2nd Annual Meatball Matchup. I helped judge the 8 amateurs, so I had no room left to try any of the professional meatballs. The crowd chose Pastificio as the pro winner, and I promised myself  a trip down there.

Pastificio is a fully loaded Italian deli. There is an olive bar, imported products, and a freezer section with Pastificio’s prepared entrees, sauces, and pastas.

At Pastificio, the chicken cutlets, just like most things here,  are all made in house. The cutlet comes covered in cheese and buffalo sauce, naturally. The cutlets are thin and evenly breaded throughout. I also enjoyed the bread they used; Pastificio gets it from Abruzzi Brick Oven Bread.

I was forced to chose between the classic meatball parm and their fried meatball hoagie. While I normally  hold the belief that everything is better fried, I just couldn’t forgo my chance to try the meatballs that took home the crown.

The sandwich came with 4 big meatballs, each sliced in half. They use a pork, veal, beef combo and they taste as good as that picture of them is awful. The meatballs have a great texture and aren’t the littlest bit dry. The tomato sauce is simple and bright and tastes like they use high quality olive oil. I can see why this is the meatball sandwich champion.

And I don’t have time to tell you about it today, but I was able to grab some classic Philly dessert nearby? Who can guess what it was? I’ll have the pictures for you on Wednesday.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Winning meatballs, homemade chicken cutlets, and plenty of other classic Italian deli selections
  • Other Italian specialties to bring home for dinner later

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Quite the schlep from Center City, but just a few blocks from the Oregon stop

Pastificio, 1528 Packer St, (@ S 16th) 215 467-1111



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