Indian Restaurant is Way More Generic Sounding Than Tasting

A while back, Meal Ticket posted about the opening of a new Indian restaurant on South Street, called Indian Restaurant, and I was really hoping the name was just temporary. But at the Grand Opening in March we found out it wasn’t. What’s in a name anyway? And so I visited to try some of their lunch specials.

First, the typical pappadum with sauce trio. The sweet brown plus was good as it always is, but I really liked their green sauce more than I normally do.

They extra fluffy naan was my first clue that this was going to be  a better lunch than its name might indicate.

We knew our food was coming because the chicken tikka sizzled at us as our waiter crossed the (unfortunately empty) room.  Tikka, without masala, doesn’t have the advantage of being hidden in a rich sauce, so the chicken needs to shine on its own. Instead of that dry, sad tikka that afflicts less careful Indian establishments, theirs was rather perfect. The edges were a little charred and the inside was moist.

While some might raise an eyebrow to a meal of lamb that costs under $10, I welcome it. My lamb saag came with a generous helping of cooked down spinach. The little pieces of lamb were soft enough that no knife was needed and I am happy to report there was no hint of gameyness to make me worry about the meat’s quality. With the mound of basmati rice that came with it, I was more than full.

Before we departed we were brought out a complementary rice pudding that was only a touch sweet; a nice way to end the meal.

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • Finally, a perfect chicken tikka
  • Great naan and pappadam sauces

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • All of the lunch items are close to $10
  • No masala, tandoori, korma, or vindaloo on the lunch menu (they are on the regular menu though)

India Restaurant, 1634 South St(@ 17th) , 215-964-9451



  • Great review! While the name sucks, their food is great. I eat here regularly, as it’s 1.5 blocks from home, the food is consistently good, and the service is excellent. You should try the dumpahkt. it’s like an indian pot pie. If it weren’t so damn hot out, i’d be eating much more indian.

  • @earl- you are on my wavelength. I just read about the dumpahkt and now I need to go back to try it asap. Probably for dinner with some light spicy wine or beer.

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