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Egg Slut Now Open for Lunch in Grand Central

Despite its name Egg Slut has made it anything but easy to find them since they popped up over two years ago, especially for those of us who are fans of breakfast for lunch.  For awhile they spent mornings in front of Commissary Coffee on Fairfax, weekends at Handsome Coffee Roasters, and there was word of a stint at The Hart & the Hunter (although it was never clear if their truck was parked in front of the Palihotel or they were cooking out of the kitchen.)  But getting to try their delicious sounding egg sandwiches after Noon proved to be difficult, a policy that continued when they opened their first brick and mortar last week inside the Grand Central Market in Downtown L.A.  Excitement was high, lines were long, and for their first week they were only open until Noon.

But week two goes to the lunchers!

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Bru’s Wiffle Brings Waffle Sliders to the Westside


If you’ve been reading Midtown Lunch for awhile then you probably have figured out that I don’t necessarily love the standard sandwich as much as the average luncher.  For me to get excited about a sandwich it’s got to have the greatest meatloaf of all time in it, be stuffed with mozzarella sticks and onion rings, topped with string beans, and/or Pueblan string cheese. Give me a something I can work with here.  In other words, when presented with the choice between the greatest turkey sandwich of all time, and just decent Chinese food- I’m going to go Chinese.

Unless of course that sandwich uses waffles as its bread!  So when I read on Unemployed Eater that Bru’s Wiffle in Santa Monica was doing a special waffle breakfast sandwich, I was intrigued and ready to subscribe to their newsletter.

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Uncle John’s Ham & Eggs Opens Their Breakfast/Chinese Food Mashup in New Location

Uncle John’s Ham & Eggs, the 35+ year old diner on 8th btw. Olive & Hill, is not exactly a hidden Downtown gem.  But it isn’t Philippe’s either. It lives somewhere in between, and for those who work or live or breakfast downtown, it’s borderline legendary.  For me, it’s a no-brainer Midtown Lunch.  The idea is so simple in its genius, that some might be confused at first by its brilliance.  On one hand its unfamiliar, on the other it’s so familiar you can’t understand how this place isn’t a nationwide franchise.  Breakfast diner + Chinese food.   That’s it.  Think Chinese roast pork with eggs, hash browns and toast.  Or corned beef hash and eggs over fried rice.

I first heard of Uncle John’s last month, when Dig Lounge (run by yesterday’s profiled lunch’er Matt) reported that Uncle John’s would be opening a second location on Grand btw. 8+9th, in the Stillwater Hotel.  I couldn’t wait that long, and immediately rushed to their original location… only to find it closed! For good (so sad).  Thankfully their new location on Grand opened last week, so on Monday I headed over for some over easy egg topped salt and pepper pork chops.

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