Lunch Links (The “Atwater BBQ” Edition)

Barbecue from The Crossroads. Photo courtesy of Mattouille
  • ATWATER VILLAGE The Crossing is serving up some fine BBQ [Eater]
  • DTLA TLT Food has a new location Downtown [LADN]
  • DTLA Tsurumaru Udon is great (although if you think it’s better than Murugame Monzo, you’re kind of an idiot) [Sinosoul]
  • KTOWN Boo’s Cheesesteaks is now open on Wilshire [Eater]
  • MID CITY Hollywood Pies is gone, but may return [Eater]
  • MID CITY Blaze Pizza is coming soon to the Grove [Eater]
  • MID CITY Get the pork and ricotta meatballs at Sycamore Kitchen [Food GPS]
  • SAMO Shophouse on the promenade is opening Oct. 17th [Eater]


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