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written by heart some panic

I like Puffs summer, enjoy a cup of bitter tea. Leave , and no longer take care. Invincible universe young girl , coquettish little slut super romantic , living in Shijingshan , overlooking the old Nantong VIGROHAPPY BIRTHDAY! ! ! Today would like to carve light today and would like to visit the Oriental Plaza pig today want the subway today to see the movie is warm today back a 40 word today drank two cups of coffee today for a new the short-sleeved today on three boring lesson today sent a text message 44 today said many nonsense sentence today saw SUPER Young once today think of eleven vacation N +1 times today sigh five times less today shout more than 10 times the heat today to sleep in a dormitory two hours today watching two movies today is boring. want to go to the theater , and there are large holding lilies. Quietly excited. I opened my flowers so I let myself open flowers you for you hang me for my defeat VERO Princess tomorrow, Happy Birthday ! ! Shadow Lover Lyrics: Chen Wei Ling _ Adapted words: Francis Lee Composer: Chen Wei Ling _sina_ # 8221_word__ whine Hao Lang Leo has to wear the habit of your leather as if still in your arms, your favorite singer I also listen to become my essential friends say I speak that way to how you like your original I have overlapping you never leave you broke out of that large segment of the day why not take over your shadow will still be able to go everywhere you do not take your the integration into the blood with me to breathe when I looked down I saw your memories can only do black shadow quiet and you can not speak with you every step together, and not always be your shadow my pain no words and you are so close to the location you say you have not bought me a lovely birthday present , I said I wanted to wander in the night with you and you say you miss me affectionately call , I said I wanted to be with you running in the corridor and you say you bought a new flavor of ESSE, I said I would love fantasies with you on the balcony. desire birthday this year , little by little reality burns , I found my strong, there hidden in the armpit wings I am the way, little by little growth. written by heart some panic , fear of bad words upset my heart.



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