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why the butterfly spring before the babies

Related manufacturing enterprises, according to the reply butterfly spring babies and infants powdered milk shelves has nothing to do with the quality of the products, due to competition is intense, is impacted by the foreign milk powder, milk powder industry losses, the enterprises have to adjust the production structure, a moratorium on the production of infant milk powder, and adopt measures to all products from the shelves. Butterfly spring, infant milk powder in October 2008, high-profile listed, then as the sanlu milk powder incident, the domestic dairy industry an unprecedented crisis of confidence, especially domestic infant milk powder, almost everyone is talking about the color of change. Butterfly spring choice at this juncture in infant milk powder, is a falling market, showed great courage, is considered by many in the industry sees the opportunity is crisis, people even hope it can reshape domestic infant milk powder brand image. Not more than three years time, butterfly spring babies and infants powdered milk shelves, it is a matter of regret. View, and inverse city, butterfly spring, ultimately failed matched sanlu incident caused by the bad and powerful shock wave. Enterprise for adjustment of production structure, of course, have the right to decide a commodity from the shelves and even shut down, can stand in the perspective of consumers, in this confusion is that adjust the production structure is a very legitimate reason, why the butterfly spring before the babies and infants powdered milk shelves not advertised?



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