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Who can use and management of digital

Secondly, digital display what kind of function, role, not only depends on its own performance, also depends on its users and administrators. Who can use and management of digital, in what circumstances can obtain digital video information, if cause citizen privacy should be what kind of responsibility, all need to make specific provision. Any progress in the field of science and technology to help the benign development of human society, but decided it from good or evil, is people. In the electronic monitoring equipment widely used in all aspects of social life, and important function in maintaining public security, maybe we need from the legislative level of digital code of conduct. If the legislation lagged behind the development of science and technology, science may really would like some people, become a scourge. http://www.egmisr.com/ American movie the national public enemies, a more content ji law-abiding citizens of the United States inadvertently involved in congress's death, the result was the national security agency to use various high-tech electronic tracking means to kill, just no room. It is said that many American audiences timidly home after the movie, the first thing to do is check the toilet have been installed cameras. The national public enemies follows a continuation of Hollywood style: in the exciting story reveals serious political theme of the movie finally asked, it is necessary for us that have the potential to endanger state security supervise, but who to supervise the supervisor?



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