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The wording is a class

The wording is a class , from time to time over the public trial and sentencing is another . The rule of law , to make a decision or handling a matter , first of all need to be considered is whether it is legal requirements and spirit of the law . Civic obligation to believe in the authority of law , government departments should become law exemplary faith . Vicious incident has caused the damage , then deal with serious incidents , it must adhere to the law in particular , this is the best punishment of offenders , to some extent also the best example. January 29 , Sanya Municipal Government Information Office official microblogging responded Spring cheating incident , said the MBT Shoes New Year Golden Week in food hygiene , integrity management and other aspects of Sanya has not received a complaint hotlines , indicating the tourism market order and stability , well, a lot of friends have been questioned and ridiculed. ( January 30 Tianfuzaobao )Local regulations regarding the Spring Festival cheating incident is nothing less attention, before the release of micro-Bo said, quick -depth investigation , followed by another Bulletin ordered to suspend business for rectification store , the investigation group has been investigation into the store and handle . Such manner of disposal although we can not say perfect, but it makes sense , however, followed by an article on zero complaint micro -Bo was in trouble again .



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