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the vendors for survival and save your

The winter night, the vast majority of more than 40 years old men are the youngest at home with their children, and the topic is still in the cold wind blows in the street. Stripping chengguan coat, we can see clearly, he is just a city at the bottom of the society, the city volunteer for him, just a poorly paid job, but this is a job, in the end to his life. Stalls selling leather wallet vendor is also a middle-aged man, more than 40 years old who wielded, standing on the side was shaking with fear, until we were come to the police captured. Just because they don't have to guess his motive, common sense can be concluded that his struggle just to keep the small booth, that is his living is all about. What makes the two live in the city the underlying, unknown to middle-aged man to go, even to their fight? The contradiction between city streets and buy wallet vendor, http://stcroixsource.com/discussion/st-thomas/general-discussion/2014/09/03/new-demolition-regulations-have-made-it after all is the city order and vulnerable groups of the right to life. Arguably, the two are should not head-on: order now that serve the city, nature can't have the ability to deprive citizens the right to life; On the other hand, the vendors for survival and save your individual behavior, as long as not illegal crime, when not touched the diverse city open order. The problem is, in many parts of the present Replica Versace Belt urban order had alienation as the image of the city, and the flow of the ragged vendors image obviously with the word. The current urban management system, after a murder case has made a complete, has clearly tells us:



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