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the soaring house prices not only

More seriously, the soaring house prices not only hindered the farmers into the city, also hindered the improvement of farmers' income. For urban masses of low and middle income earners, soaring house prices make them away from the real estate market, not only the city the right to life might also be faced with various deprivation, and increases the pressure in their daily lives. Just think, even if only poor urban residents life for generations of wealth to support a high house, that their survival pressure have how old? Everyone knows that if the vast majority of urban residents rely on Cheap Ferragamo Belt security system to solve, it can only be a utopia. As for what the government policy to regulate the domestic high Cheap Ferragamo Belt prices, I think is very simple. A blow on the real estate market severe hype, internally can be a real estate transaction tax, http://exploitr.com/?p=91671 Cheap Ferragamo Belt vacancy tax, real estate holding tax; Foreign to resolutely against foreign investment in the domestic real estate market speculation; Second, central bank raising interest continuously, quickly provide hype the cost of real estate, at the same time, also can implement preferential interest rates to buy an apartment, more than two sets of Cheap Ferragamo Belt rates are subject to policy; 3 it is to cancel the Cheap Ferragamo Belt presale system, especially the bank discipline strictly, for those who dare to violate compasses of bank credit to be severely punished.



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