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The moral and legal norms

http://www.thesweetlifebakery.com/belt/cheap-gucci-belts.html Times are changing, and changes in the contradictions, the masses are changing, the relationship between government officials and masses in social disharmony of noise at the same time, people's thoughts and eyes can't be hesitated and confusion, as general secretary and heroes handshake shows the theme of the Hermes Belt society is still powerful. Supporters of the ruling party, ruling for hero models, it is the responsibility of the whole society. Murder, crime passionnel, the deceased's suitor can cover up the dead more is the fact that the innocent. Find out the case truth, will be arrested the murderer is the most important. Because only so in accordance with the spirit of the law and moral norms. If the rendering and rumors can help the police investigation, the public, of course, with;

http://www.thesweetlifebakery.com/belt/fake-gucci-belts.html If these rumors will not help solve crimes with 3 colors, only to satisfy idle curiosity, I pleaded with the media or a bit more sympathetic, pass case dead souls and immersed in the sadness of the families of the dead. For middle school students, the author used the media master of female college students and female, female and female white-collar excessive attention and adulation, or that kind of went with peep and abuse of the emotion of sex and murder painted and ponder, as if this kind of group sex and unfortunately can inspire some abnormal condition. People are complex social animals, angels and demons in the soul, the media as a social conscience, should always call for the public good, perpetuate human soul angel in the world. If deliberately rendering deformity desires and the evil curiosity, is bound to arouse human soul of the devil, however. Human shout equality for hundreds of years, we have proudly regards women as a half the sky. But from a female doctor naked death and a variety of alternative news events about female college students and white-collar workers, women in particular, the higher-education is still not get rid of the shackles of insulted and infringement, equality between men and women is still a long road.

http://www.thesweetlifebakery.com/belt/replica-gucci-belts.html This inequality is deeply rooted in social habits and inadvertently from people's subconscious revealed unconsciously, this is the most terrible. This murder, for example, if the dead are not female, Ph.D., people may not to care about. Because in people's thinking, has been formed to shoes-polishing social evaluation model, this model is bare die, hammers and condoms and crime passionnel incompatible. Because of the female doctor gives too much heavy moral weight of inequality, people will show surprise, curiosity, and even attitude of schadenfreude. For female college students and white-collar of negative news is also based on this kind of mentality. It is pluralistic society, can't you to rigid moral mirror to guide according to a particular group. The moral and legal norms, shines the world.

http://www.thesweetlifebakery.com/belt/gucci-belts-cheap.html For the dead, who cooperate with the police to provide all the deceased's life details is a must and responsible, but not with prejudice or plausible code of ethics for the deceased to irresponsible behavior orientation of evaluation. Die life, lost soul, is a tragedy. Living the murderer shall confess and take the initiative to assume legal responsibility, the rest of the best living abandon looking psychological and pray for the dead.



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