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the highest level of civil aviation

Of course, the equalization of public services is not uniform, a mold As simply leveled, required to achieve an absolute mess , but disadvantaged groups should be tilted , rather than the level of civil servants is not reduced . Wang Shichuan auspicious air being punished , whether in exchange for civil aviation auspicious ? Wang Shichuan Reporters on the 29th from the East MBT Civil Aviation Authority was informed that ,MBT Shoes after careful investigation , August 13 HO1112 auspicious Airlines flight crew refused to carry out instructions to avoid regulatory violations is a grave violation of the general operating and flight rules and other relevant laws and regulations , the parties violated the pilot unit due professional ethics. East MBT Civil Aviation Authority and the parties decide on auspicious airline crew be severely punished . East MBT Civil Aviation Authority decided to suspend accepting auspicious Airlines expand the business scope , the establishment of branch offices, hire purchase and other matters aircraft applications , http://www.icanfund.org/ while reducing its flight operation 10% of total capacity , reduction of time of three months. ( Aug. 30 Xinhua )Auspicious airline was grueling , only themselves to blame . 7 minutes 6 times instructions are lucky captain refused to perform , apparently to take passengers to life a joke , you know the situation was critical, Qatar Airways has issued a MAYDAY signal - the highest level of civil aviation distress signal , which is equivalent to an SOS shipwreck , lucky captain still ignored , if not to be punished , given how difficult Cry appease passengers , but also why warning shot ?



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