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the domestic real estate market funds either

Main source from the rapid growth of the real estate development investment, mainly the following aspects, one is the domestic bank credit, 2 it is other funding sources, three is the use of foreign capital. From the above data, in 2006 real estate utilization of foreign capital increase is faster, but due to the usual base is small, use of foreign capital to increase the proportion of amount is still tiny (total of only 39.4 billion, only 1.46%). Foreign investment in real estate funds is not real estate developers to increase a lot. buywine168.com And real estate development investment funding growth main bank credit and other two aspects of capital source (other sources of funds is the deposit and booking) mainly. Why does the government under the condition of the rule of bank credit is still a lot of bank credit to the real estate market? And its growth rate is more than double the amount in 2005. In this way, even the domestic macroeconomic regulation and control or the phenomenon of the credit crunch has less impact on the real estate market. And we should also see, other sources of funds in real estate development investment, this part of the funding sources, bank loan and deposit and deposit 1.3398 trillion yuan (the latter is a pre-sale Replica Ferragamo Belt consumption), nearly 50% of its weight for. The rest look has nothing to do with the bank credit, but in fact not the case. This money is all sorts of entrusted loans, but not share too much. http://www.usveteransdirectory.com/ Such as Shanghai social security funds and some unit trust funds. And more likely is through real estate associated company loans and other ways to enter the real estate market. The money is also comes from bank credit. Because, whether in private credit markets or entrusted loans, its high cost greatly from Banks' funding costs (such as the average interest rate above 17%, folk credit markets and bank credit the benchmark interest rate at 6.12% only) of.
That is to say, the domestic real estate market funds either directly or indirectly, are basically comes from domestic bank credit. It's no wonder that, at the end of 2006 Salvatore Ferragamo banking regulatory commission required Banks for their own less than 35% of the real estate developers shall not loans, it is forbidden to seal and rich estate may not be issuing mortgages, immediately gang up a large number of real estate developers. Originally, preventing risks of domestic commercial bank is the primary function of the Ferragamo Belt banking regulatory commission, they put forward from the Angle of industry specialization request is without a doubt, but some real estate developers are just out against its interests Angle, its obvious intention of all men.



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