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the achievements of the Replica Belts

the achievements of the Replica Belts revolution is far greater than his faults and his achievements is the first error is the second of his creation and development of our party and the People's Liberation Army , the liberation of the Replica Belts people of all nationalities career victory for the People's Republic of Belt in creating and developing Belt's socialist cause, established forever indelible contributions he has made a significant contribution to the liberation of the oppressed peoples and human progress . Since then, the official never refreshed evaluation of Mao , this conclusion in 1981 , the official date is regarded as the most authoritative official version . That is, five years after the death of Mao Zedong , Mao Zedong Replica Belts officials on official coffin . However , a fair evaluation of a real historical figure , you need at least five years or even longer. Especially in Belt , the evaluation of a historical figure needs a longer period of time , and he has a grudge to be those people are all dead right and wrong , people will see more clearly understand , objective, and comprehensive. Many literature in 1981 after having disclosed to show that at the time the evaluation of Mao also said that the resolution is not as highly consistent , even in the party of Mao , there are many intense debate . Initially, these arguments are mainly concentrated in the person of Mao Zedong in the end , is a ghost , or God ? It was said that Chen Yun simple evaluation of several historical figures played a role in the final word , rumors version of Chen Yun speech is this: Kang Sheng is a ghost , not the person who is not a ghost Liu Shaoqi , Mao Zedong is man, not God . Obviously , when placed in front of Deng Xiaoping , Chen Yun urgent question is should pull down the altar of Mao Zedong , Mao pushed into a ghost rather than the government . Deng later on many public occasions that Mao was one-third over , seven power .



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