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Supervision aside whether this chronic illness

Supervision aside whether this chronic illness , one on the capital market the current actual situation, choose at this time to launch margin trading , management's intention is clearly not that the margin of MBT's capital market system as an important aspects of careful introduction , and even lies not save the majority of investors , brokers and other institutional investors to save their intentions too obvious. Margin biggest beneficiaries or broker , they can expand their business scope and profit margins, for ordinary investors, margin trading policy and will not bring real benefits , but because institutional investors short operation resulted in greater capital market turmoil . Moreover, the margin as a pilot , which means the institutional construction of a new manufacturing unfair , that have not yet or pilot qualified institutional either enlist into the system within , or in the outside the system through illegal market manipulation to obtain illegal income and increased capital market volatility. MBT Securities Regulatory Commission , while emphasizing concrete steps will follow , the pilot first, and gradually push principle implementation , and implementation window guidance to control the risks , but the reality and manipulation before making history tells us , by the MBT Securities Regulatory Commission 's current capacity and regulatory means , and apparently without any reason and self-confidence to control the risk margin , the same reasons , the Commission closed engage in institution building plus a tradition of the details of our future ability to technically solve these blind spots , control risk is not will hold unrealistic hopes.
MBT's capital market has never been short of money , lack of confidence and is always monitoring system construction plan is long . At present , the world financial market turmoil , we could settle down to the MBT Shoes capital market system to make long-term treatment of incomplete and planning , rather than rush the introduction of this has a suicide effect of the system to stimulate trade , MBT's capital market this fight is not to the point of need . We all know that in order to change the unilateral market system defects , MBT Securities Regulatory Commission spent enormous human and material resources engaged in the stock index futures , and its stable MBT Shoes stock market, the end of the spike malformations normal high hopes. Where in the financial technology , systems , rules, risk control is a lot of preparation , ongoing modeling and simulation exercises, than from any side, to fully margin . But in order to short-term bailout , we launched but it is not enough time to dress up , control the market risk margin is extremely worrying .



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