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so that the marginal cost tends to zero

(the Replica Versace Belt news on December 12) which calls for public welfare state is new. From the point of the list of Mr Shao ning was born, the so-called public welfare state enterprises are mostly some absolute monopoly of state-owned enterprises in the market, http://www.drfrederickcook.com/ call them for some more accurate monopoly state-owned enterprises. Sasac will these enterprises into state-owned enterprises, public welfare, I prefer to see the move as a good will, or, pointed out the monopoly of a direction of the reform of state-owned enterprises. People over the years made some feeble objection to the monopoly of state-owned enterprise, such as public services they provide inferior quality-high price, they earn huge profits every year but not to the people, and so on, in short not to be able to reflect the public property. What many people believe that certain monopoly state-owned enterprises ignore the people well-being, blindly pursue their own interests, the key lies in the word monopoly, only to break the monopoly of the ice, let the enterprise in the market competition environment, to reversed transmission out of their social responsibility. This view can't say makes no sense.http://www.ttkennel.com/ In theory, the sufficient market competition can minimize costs and prices, and eventually bring benefit to consumers, while the monopoly is the root of all evil. But the things in the world is far from so absolute, there is a noun is called a natural monopoly in economics, refers to the monopoly due to the natural conditions of the market, the industry if the fierce competition, it could lead to the waste of social resources and market order confusion. For example, the gas company to transport gas, it has to lay pipelines, and the cost of pipeline is very high, but once laid, to inject more gas pipeline pump does not need more money, so that the marginal cost tends to zero.



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